KWP love notes

"Katelyn and Will were awesome! They were exactly what we needed. They were down to earth, calming, talented, and professional. We were so happy to enjoy Katelyn and Will as people and not just as photographers. Their pictures were stunningly beautiful as well! They did such a wonderful job of catching all the tender and exciting moments. They were supremely patient and kind with our families while trying to wrangle us all for family portraits. They captured every special moment and truly contributed to the happiness of our wedding day."

"Before I was even engaged I knew there was no one else I’d even consider photographing our special day. Katelyn and Will were so relaxed and go with the flow and fit right in with the small intimate elopement of my dreams. They captured all the little details that I wouldn’t have even thought about but that made our gallery the perfect portrayal of our wedding. We love all of our images and will cherish them for the rest of our lives."

"Katelyn and Will shared a special part in our fall wedding. They were so personable and ready to step-in to help with whatever they could! It was so much fun and we shared many laughs together. We LOVE our photos and experience! If your looking for a professional photographer that you can be comfortable with than we highly suggest Katelyn and Will! We will cherish our wedding pictures for a lifetime!"

Hi friends! 
On your wedding day you'll spend so much time with me and my cute husband, Will (who you'll probably hear me call "Pal" throughout the day) that it's important we get to know each other! So here's a few things about me:
-I love coffee. Maybe the love sparked from my obsession with Gilmore Girls in high school.... but my dream (after being a photog of course) is to open up a cutesy coffee shop one day! 
-I love people, and hanging out with my brides all day is so much fun for me! 
-My love language is gifts, so I do usually surprise my couples with a gift (or two!)
-My go-to comfort food is Mexican or pizza... we almost always pick up a pizza after every wedding once the adrenaline wears off and we realize we are starving, haha! 
-Our daughter has become one of the biggest joys in our life, and she is constantly entertaining us with her killer dance moves. 

meet katelyn

 Hey guys! 
I spend most of the wedding days hanging out with the guys and snapping photos while carrying all the things. My hidden talents include pinning on boutonnieres, folding pocket squares, and dress-fluffing. I will also make friends with all of the dogs in the wedding party! Here's a few other fun things I enjoy:
-I love Parks and Rec, SNL, and The Tonight Show. 
-I will definitely quote at least five movies throughout the day.
-I love Marvel Movies and it makes me so happy that our princessy ballet-loving daughter walks around the house in a batman or spider-man costume regularly and loves playing action figures with me.
-I love to hike and do anything outdoors. 
-I worked at Chick-Fil-A for almost 5 years and ate there every day and now I crave it all. the. time. But who doesn't because it's the Lord's food, right? 

meet Will