KWP photography JUMpstart 


5 week jumpstart to photography group coaching program.

Do you freeze up during your sessions because you blank on poses?

Do you keep having difficult grooms and wish you could make them cooperate?

Do you feel awkward during your session because you keep doing the same two poses? 

Do you feel frustrated on wedding days when you are crunched for time? 

If you said yes to any of these, my Pocket Posing Guide could be just what you need! Watch REAL footage of me during a KWP engagement session and get a pocket posing guide to always make posing couples a breeze to give your clients the BEST experience!! 

KWP Coaching Session

Two hour session for the photographer ready to take their dreams to the next level.



Education for the photographer ready to take their business dreams to the next level.


"When I look back at how far I have grown since going full-time in 2020, I definitely would not be where I am without Katelyn's constant encouragement and help. She pushes me to think outside the box and know my worth. Since 2020, I have more than doubled my income and have been able to raise my prices in order to attract my dream clients!"


"When I went over the Katelyn's for my coaching session, I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was I felt incompetent behind my camera, and Katelyn's work was amazing! She greeted me happily, poured me a cup of coffee, and we chatted about my photography experience. Katelyn's down to earth personality made me feel right at home. She addressed all of my questions and gave me an opportunity to put my knowledge to the rest right there in her front yard. I enjoyed learning with Katelyn and recommend her coaching sessions to anyone who feels photography-shy. She's a true professional and she will have you feeling confident before the session is over. "

Melena Lawson:


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