An intensive peer-to-peer coaching program to help you grow and scale your creative business with an intentional community.

Ready to grow your business while creating a life you love?

Intentional community and mastermind-style education for the wedding photographer looking to grow and scale their business in a sustainable way while creating meaningful connections.

You're in the right place if:

You are feeling stuck on how to grow and scale your business

You have invested so much in education but you need MORE than just another conference or workshop.

You need community and to be surrounded by people who will encourage you to push yourself.

You are ready to make the emotional, financial, and time commitment to make real change for growth.

You are looking to raise your prices for more time with your family.

The kwp mastermind 

What is included:

Weekly Group  Calls

1:1 Coaching Calls

Access to  Community

Working Retreat

Branding deep-dive

This is your chance to be on the "hot seat" where you will get to ask any questions and brainstorm any idea or product, or just work through current pain points.  You will also get a coaching call monthly with proven strategies and monthly challenges for accountability in your growth.

Each member will receive two 1 hour coaching calls for my individualized coaching. We can use this call to deep dive anything you'd like, whether it is a new offer or your current client experience and workflows, or you long-term goals. 

Each member will be added to a group chat on voxer where you can brainstorm ideas and ask questions throughout the week so you have that community and support in between calls! 

Your mastermind experience includes a 3 day retreat to kick off the mastermind where we will create community, share ideas, give you a branding session, set goals for the next few months, and have a 1:1 coaching session time. Your stay at a beautiful home in Lake Norman, NC on April 7th-10th and all your meals are included with the mastermind.

On one of your group calls, we will talk through who your ideal client is, how you are targeting them, and really deep-dive into your brand and we will give you updated branding photos to reflect your brand at our in-person retreat!! 

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April-August 2025

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"Community has been absolutely vital in the growth of my business. Without the tribe I have surrounding me, I would not be where I am today… and I've met almost all of them through educational investments in the photography industry!"

-hope taylor

Maybe you are feeling stuck, or maybe you are just ready for intentional growth and need like-minded people to run the race with you...

With the KWP Mastermind you get the creativity + connections that comes with a retreat, + the individual push that comes with 1:1 coaching sessions all for 5 months of growing a business you LOVE.

What if with the mastermind you could:

Share your ideas with friends who get it 

have weekly calls for accountability + encouragement

have problem-solving coaching calls

make connections you need to help you find joy in your business again

After starting my wedding photography business, I quickly realized that what I loved most was connecting with people and giving them a fun experience. Then when I started coaching other photographers, the same was true. While I loved attending conferences and workshops and spent a lot of money in online courses, I realized in order to really grow and scale, I needed more. 

So for the first time, I invested in a mastermind program and after a year of learning from business coaches and fellow business owners, I realized how important it was for me at that stage in my business. 

We can only get so far with conferences and online courses...

So I decided to host my own mastermind as a way to help others grow and scale. My favorite thing to do is to bring people together and help foster community, and this is taking it just a few steps farther. 

Why the KWP Mastermind?


What you get...
- Coaching and connection calls
- New business besties to share ideas with
- Encouragement and support
- Collaborative planning
- Guidance for growth

Oh, and let's not forget the bonuses...
Bonus #1: A long weekend retreat to recharge + implement
Bonus #2: Fresh headshots

 you are ready grow and scale your creative business with an intentional community.

This is for You If


This Mastermind isn't for everyone!! 

The KWP Mastermind is by application only, and there are only 6 spots available. I curate the group so that you get the most out of it, and I wouldn't let you invest if I don't think you are ready.

this is only for you if...

you already have a profitable business

you are willing to pour into others and encourage them

you are willing to put in the work-- no one can do it for you

you are able to invest financially at this point


 The intentional time spent with these other women truly transformed my mindset about my business and renewed my excitement, my vision, and confidence for my business moving forward. I am SO excited for what the next couples of months will hold for me.

Thank you Katelyn for such a transformative experience! 

$1800 Weekend Retreat

$2400 KWP branding session

$1200 two 1:1 calls with Katelyn

$500 personal marketing coaching

$500 branding coaching

+Weekly hot seats to share ideas 
+Community support with business besties
+6 months Mon-Thurs voxer access to Katelyn not offered any other time

We know this is a substantial investment. But I believe in order to fully commit and get the most out of this experience, you have to be willing to make a large investment.

So how much does it cost?

the kwp mastermind value:

$10,000+ value if purchased separately


investment options



pay in full

better value!

save $200 if you pay in full when you sign up!




payment plan

monthly payments

Grab your spot for only $650 today, and then 5 monthly payments of $550.



5 months of coaching + an impactful support system for the price of less thant one wedding...


An intensive peer-to-peer coaching program to help you grow and scale your creative business with an intentional community.