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An elementary school teacher turned homeschool mom and business coach with a fire for helping other women succeed in both business and life. Katelyn thrives in digging deep with strategy during 1:1 coaching sessions, workshopping business strategies in breakout sessions, and inspiring large groups with keynote talks. 

She shows up unapologetically herself in every leadership role, breaking down walls with openness and vulnerability that builds trusts and makes a big impact with all she mentors. 

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Balancing motherhood and business is truly an art, and if you are called to do both, here are the 5 secrets to balance it all.

  • Get flexible 
  • Rely on routines
  • Allow creative space
  • Cultivate independence 
  • Establish workflows 

Topic #4: Balancing Motherhood and Business: 5 secrets to balance it all with G.R.A.C.E.

  • Create connections
  • Build Confidence 
  • Give clear posing guidance 
  • Create a Posing Flow
  • Add movement for authentic moments 

Topic #3: Pose with Confidence: No more awkward freezing up

  • Connecting on social media to book clients
  • Connecting with clients with an intentional client experience 
  • Connecting with vendors 
  • Connecting with competition 
  • Connecting with companies 

Topic #2:  Creating Connections that Convert: Killer Marketing Strategies

When I started my business I knew nothing about business and had no marketing budget. But as I was fostering my daughter, I started sharing about our experience. I started a blog to have place to share my photos, but it quickly became more than that. And as I started sharing about our journey and WHO I was beyond just a photographer, I started booking dream clients and now teach others to do the same:

  • Why personal marketing works
  • Finding your core connections (What the heck do I share?
  • How to share your core connections
  • How to continue connecting

Topic #1: Booking Dream Clients with Personal Marketing

These are topics I'm keen on speaking about and have wide experience in 

Topics for Interviews and Speaking

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Katelyn Workman is a wedding photographer, educator, wife, mama, and host of Create Retreat. She started her business while taking pictures of her foster daughter and sharing about her fostering journey and who she was, and quickly built a personal brand without any business or marketing experience. Now, when she is not photographing weddings with my husband, she loves coaching other entrepreneurs to build sustainable businesses they love! 

Katelyn is a destination wedding photographer, six-figure photography coach, Create Retreat host, podcast host, speaker, and homeschool mama based in Southern WV.

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