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I have been “friends” through social media with Hillary for a long time, and have loved following her beautiful photography work. I was so excited she was able to finally meet in person and swap some photos! After she took some beautiful family photos for us while we were at Mountain Lake Lodge on vacation, […]

We arrived at Bald Knob in Virginia at around 5:30, which gave us plenty of time to take the gravel road up the mountain for an epic shoot. Ashley and Gavin arrived in a little car, and since the road is pretty steep, I thought we should all pile into my jeep: me, Will, Sonya, […]

Dear Will, Two years… To some people, that might seem like such a short amount of time. I’m sure when we are 90 years old cracking jokes in a nursing home (if that’s how our lives pan out) that will seem so miniscule. But how can such an insignificant amount of time feel like a […]

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