July 26, 2018


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Happy Two Year Anniversary! | Bald Knob, VA

Dear Will,

Two years…

To some people, that might seem like such a short amount of time. I’m sure when we are 90 years old cracking jokes in a nursing home (if that’s how our lives pan out) that will seem so miniscule. But how can such an insignificant amount of time feel like a lifetime already?

In two years of marriage, we’ve served together at a non-profit pouring our hearts into little ones. We’ve come home sweaty and exhausted, but shared stories of moments where we saw God moving in their hearts. We’ve had to abruptly say goodbye to those who we invested so much in due to contradictory leadership. We’ve spent many hours in prayer as we waited for Him to open the right door for your career path.

In two years of marriage, you’ve woken up every morning and made me coffee, and made sure to pick more up from the store when we were running low. (Although I’m not sure if this was more for my sake or for your own, haha!)

In two years of marriage, we’ve bought a house and turned it into a home. A home with dying flowers and an abundance of unmanaged weeds, but a home nonetheless!

In two years of marriage, we’ve raised a 5 year old, who is now a 6 year old, who seems like she has matured by years. We’ve raised our hands in defeat and whispered “I need you” when the other is at their wit’s end after hours of uncontrollable defiance. We’ve laughed until we cried at this tiny, hilarious human God put in our home. We’ve played dress up, read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “Tikki Tikki Tembo” so many times we could recite it in our sleep. We’ve had many family movie nights, been woken up with little snuggles, and created many memories in our gazebo. Despite the difficulties, we’ve grown into what feels like the most perfectly imperfect family I could imagine.

In two years of marriage, you supported my dreams by surprising me with my first camera, and then supporting me again when I wanted to upgrade so soon. You supported me by encouraging me to invest in education and in the equipment I needed. You’ve jumped in the car with me when I realized the light was perfect and I insisted on shooting right then. You supported me by telling me I could make it over and over, especially in the moments I didn’t believe it myself. You encouraged me to chase my dreams of being a full-time photographer, and I never would have done it without you.

In two years of marriage, you have held me when I cried, and never stopped trying to make me laugh. You’ve learned to like Mexican food because it’s my favorite, and you always bring home fresh flowers. You’ve been patient with my impulsiveness and my spontaneity; even when that means climbing a mountain-top while I’m in heals to take photos with a remote and a tripod!

So to some, two years might now sound like much. But to me, it has been all of these things and so much more, and I could not be more thankful.

Happy Anniversary, Pal!



Katelyn Workman


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