October 24, 2019


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Ashley + Gavin | Mountaintop Engagement | Bald Knob, Virginia

We arrived at Bald Knob in Virginia at around 5:30, which gave us plenty of time to take the gravel road up the mountain for an epic shoot. Ashley and Gavin arrived in a little car, and since the road is pretty steep, I thought we should all pile into my jeep: me, Will, Sonya, Gavin, Ashley, all my gear, and everything else I keep in my car which is enough junk to guarantee I can survive anywhere… including 12 umbrellas, flash stands, food, changes of clothes, shoes, Sonya’s toys, books, etc. I’m one of those people…

So we all squished into my jeep and as I am feeling super embarrassed but relieved we managed to fit, we arrived at the road only to see a gate closed with a lock on it. We have visited this place several times and driven every time. Panicking, I suggested we hike and look at the map and realize it is less than a mile hike. So, thankfully, everyone agrees to hike, even though by this time we’ve lost about 15 minutes and poor Ashley is wearing a maxi dress and ballet flat shoes. Did I mention Sonya was with us for all this fun??

So we hiked. Very slowly because I am more out of shape than I’d like to admit and was actually very sick that day. And as we were hiking straight up this mountain I was realizing how much time we had lost.

But Ashley and Gavin were so patient with us and thankfully we made it to the top with about thirty minutes (if that) of sunlight.

And it was the MOST perfect sunlight we could have asked for. The clouds were present just enough to diffuse the glowy pink light in the prettiest way and we got the most gorgeous photos!!

This will go down as one of my favorite sessions ever, and I am so thankful for these two lovebirds for being so adventurous in order to make this happen!!

  Ashley + Gavin, we just love y’all to pieces and cannot WAIT for your winter wedding!!


Katelyn + Will


  1. JOANN says:

    Ashley your engagement pictures are wonderful and beautiful ! ! Beautiful photography! Gavin is a pretty blessed man ! Praying for the two of you as you build your lives together in Jesus,

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