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We have had the cutest Little Man in our home for almost a month now. We picked him up from the hospital, so clueless and afraid… I was embarrassed to hold him with the nurse watching, afraid that she would see that because I wasn’t his mother and in fact had never been a mother […]

October 12, 2018, we started our family “officially.” We truly believe God rescued this precious child from hardships she did not deserve, and that he prepared our home and our hearts to bring her into our family. We started the day with Sonya’s first trip to the salon. She got light pink highlights and her […]

Dear Sonya love, Oh, how we have prayed for you, little one! We have prayed for you since the first time we heard your name. Our prayers have changed so much over the past year, but I can assure you they never stopped. The first phone call we got from our sweet home-finder led us […]

“Oh, honey, I could never do what you do. I couldn’t get attached and then have to say goodbye.” “Why would you want to adopt? You have no idea what kind of issues they’re going to have.” “I want to figure out a more stable job before I have kids, I would hate to not […]

Some days end and I am filled with so much joy and contentment. I pray over this precious child in our home and feel so blessed to know her and to get to pour into her life.  I spend the day watching her dance as she interprets the music better than any child I’ve ever […]

What an adventurous year it has been! God has done some pretty incredible things this year, and it is hard to know where to begin. Will and I started the year as newlyweds and enjoyed spending time together whenever we could. He was working hard recruiting mission teams, and I was teaching an incredible group […]

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