October 25, 2018


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Sonya’s Adoption Day

October 12, 2018, we started our family “officially.” We truly believe God rescued this precious child from hardships she did not deserve, and that he prepared our home and our hearts to bring her into our family.

We started the day with Sonya’s first trip to the salon. She got light pink highlights and her hair curled and felt like a princess! I did a terrible job of photographing the day because it was so overwhelming and I just wanted to be present with my girl, but I wanted to share a few that we have.

After the salon, she slipped on her pink tutu and crown at home, and we headed to the courthouse. She was supported by her teacher, her grandparents on both sides, her great-grandmother, her aunt and uncle, her kind social worker, our home finder, and many friends. We are so thankful for these people who not only showed up to support her but also have surrounded her in prayers over the past year and a half.

When the attorney started asking questions, she was quiet and still with a soft smile on her face. When he mentioned that her name was Sonya Marteney she interrupted, “No I want to have the same name as mommy.”

Then when he mentioned her first coming to our house she interjected, “Yeah I was running all around the house all crazy and Mama was trying to catch me!” with a laugh.

I’ve told her the story over and over of the first night with us, when she just came bombarding through the door, immediately calling me “Mommy” and running through the house asking, “Is this mines?” for everything she saw.

Then they finished the ceremony by declaring her officially ours and I felt tears well up in my eyes. An overwhelming feeling of joy and relief that our precious girl never had to leave us or fear for her security again.

It is our hope and prayer that we can continually show her the love and grace of God, and protect her heart each day.

After leaving the courthouse, we headed to “Mimi’s house” (sorry Pawpaw, haha!) for a celebration. Sonya can’t have red dye, and she was so excited that this party was all about her and everything was dye-free. She was filled with too much sugar and surrounded by people who love her. The night ended way after bedtime, with a sugar-high and hours of catch-phrase, which is a Drake family favorite.

The day was perfectly filled with joy, and we are so so thankful Sonya is officially a Workman!


Katelyn Workman


  1. Janice Foushee says:

    This is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing this blessed story and the wonderful pictures! This is a fabulous example of God to the world. He desires all to be adopted into his family through Jesus Christ to be his sons and daughters! Thank you for sharing!!! Congratulations to everyone!

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