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7 Style Tips for an Amazing Engagement Session!

As you all know, I LOVE engagement sessions! If you want to read more about why they are so important, check out this post: engagement session confession!
I remember  packing a whole suitcase full of outfit choices for my engagement session because I had no idea how to choose what to wear. I had everything from a flowy maxi dress, to a little black dress, to jeans and a simple tee. I ended up with three different outfit choices. At the time I had no idea what was best, and searched Pinterest for ideas. You know which photos are my favorite? The ones where I am wearing a neutral, long, flowy dress and Will is wearing coordinating (but not matching) dress slacks and a button up. You know which photos are my least favorite? The ones where we’re both wearing jeans and a simple top. There is NOTHING wrong with jeans, and a lot of my couples rock them. However, this is your chance to go all out and dress and feel like a million bucks! I send each of my couples and engagement style guide, but it’s fairly long and detailed, so I decided to do a quick guide that is short + sweet to refer back to!
  1.  There is no such things as too dressed up! If you want really romantic images, wear something long and flowy. I love fabric that moves. Ladies, say yes to the dress! A long, flowy dress or short and fitted dress is much more flattering than pants. (tip: if your session is in a more adventurous spot, wear leggings or fitted shorts + bring your long skirt to slip on right before photos!)  Men, layers look great on camera. Don’t be afraid to add a blazer or a cardigan!
  2. Two is better than one. We have plenty of time to spend together, so bringing one formal outfit and one more casual outfit will give you more variety in your images!
  3. Color key:  A lot of couples think that they have to find the exact same shades of the same colors to match exactly. But finding coordinating colors actually photographs a lot better! Also, light & neutral colors allow images to appear more light and airy which is my fave. Dark and bold colors will cause your images to look heavier.The camera loves shades of soft pink and muted blues, mixed with sophisticated light neutrals like heather gray, creams, leather brown and white.
  4. Coordination: make sure you are coordinating patterns as well as colors. If your man is going with a checkered shirt, then coordinate with him by wearing a solid. We want the focus to be on YOU and not be distracting with multiple crazy patterns. (tip- if you decide to go with checkers, the bigger the better to avoid chromatic aberration.) 
  5. Flattering your features: You know what looks good on you! Choose colors that look good with your skin tone, and avoid pieces that showcase your insecurities. For example, if you are very pale don’t wear a color that will wash you out, or if you don’t like the way your arms look don’t wear a sleeveless shirt!
  6. Go pro: The more you put into your preparation, the more professional your images will look. Take this as an opportunity to pamper yourself! Ladies, get that mani + pedi you deserve and get your hair + makeup done so you feel totally confident in yourself!
  7. It’s all in the details. Don’t forget the details! Ladies, throw on a statement necklace and heels. If you are wearing a shorter dress, heels elongate your legs. (tip: if you are hiking to a location, wear comfy shoes + slip on heels for the photos!)  Men, add a pocket square or a nice watch. Don’t forget to get your ring cleaned for close-ups too! A fresh bouquet or floral crown can add some extra visual interest as well.

I hope this helps bring clarity for you so your engagement photos are photos you will truly treasure!


Katelyn Workman


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