August 18, 2020


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Zoe + Thomas | Elegant West Virginia Wedding

This year we have a very very limited number of weddings since I spent half of it pregnant and now we have our sweet baby boy… but we have been so blessed that each one of our couples is truly amazing. I have been looking forward to August 15, 2020 since Zoe first called me… seriously. I remember getting off the phone with her and telling Will that the phone call was what photographers dream of. Zoe told me she had been following my work for years and had always wanted me to be her photographer, and hearing her describe her love for Thomas and her vision for her day and I knew that we would have the best day together.

A year later, after planning a wedding and then re-planning and re-planning due to the pandemic and the restrictions that are constantly changing, the day finally arrived… with the forecast showing 100% chance of rain without any breaks. But even though plans to get married in their church were changed, plans for a first look and portraits at an overlook at sunset were changed, the love these two share was only changed for the better. After being together for 8 years, Zoe + Thomas were so so happy to finally be getting married, and it was such a joy-filled day.

I was SO happy to start the day with these gorgeous details! When the bride is a photographer, she knows exactly what looks good… She even put her details in the room with the best light, cleared the walls of all hanging pictures, and cleared the clutter so I didn’t have to!   These florals were PERFECT!       This ring in Thomas’s boutonniere belonged to his dad who passed away. It was such a sweet way to honor him!   Hearing Zoe read her letter to Thomas was the sweetest. I can’t wait to see the video highlight Molly made! We seriously loved working with her. I love when bride’s include their future mother-in-laws in their day and have a great relationship with them. I know that not everyone is blessed with that kind of relationship, and maybe it’s because I scored such a good one, but I just have a special place my heart for them!    LOVE.

S/o to Zoe’s cousin who moved the large piece of furniture with the box tv from the 1900s (0r close anyway) so I could do these bridals!!  This daddy daughter first look was so sweet!  At our wedding, I thought Will + I had an intimate first look alone… then I found out months later that my Gram had snuck into a Sunday school room and brought my friends with her to watch!! I told these girls and I guess they had the same idea!!   This was the sweetest first look. We could see all nerves vanish as soon as they saw each other, and they just got to spend the rest of the day hanging out. We LOVE how first looks take away so much stress for the couple!!   It was POURING rain, so we just grabbed a couple shots under the awning at the church. I love how they turned out despite the rain!   We decided to get a couple bridals inside the sanctuary at their church while we were waiting since we couldn’t do portraits outside, and I love them! I never would have suggested we take the time to do portraits there, but I love that the rain challenged me to get creative!   Zoe’s little brother was the sweetest… even if he had been counting down the days for the wedding so he could move into his big sis’s room when she moved out, haha!  On our way to the ceremony, we stopped at the nursing home to visit with Thomas’s grandmother since she wasn’t allowed to attend the wedding. When I saw this little bit of greenery behind the awning, I knew we had to get a couple portraits while we were waiting just in case we couldn’t get any later in the evening.  Cue the tears… the fact that these two were willing to drive to the nursing home to see Grandma on the way to their wedding should show what a thoughtful couple they are. This was the sweetest.  Thankfully the ceremony was under a shelter to keep everyone dry. It was beautiful decorated with the prettiest florals.  This little car for these cuties was adorable!!!   The sweetest vows had me in tears for the third time that day…  Mr. + Mrs. Evans!!! By some miracle the rain stopped after the ceremony and we were able to get a TON of beautiful portraits!! This beautiful field was just a few minutes from the ceremony site and was perfect. I was so thankful Zoe found this spot and was willing to go out in the muddy field for these!   The sweetest!   MY FAVE!   Zoe’s hair was perfect all day!  Then we headed to the reception which was also perfectly planned and decorated so elegantly!   So many yummy treats!  The hardest part of this wedding was just that these two live so far away… although it won’t normally take 5 hours (since we got lost and had no gps or cell phone signal for hours…) but we just love these two so much and wish they lived closer to us!!   Congratulations, Zo + Tee. We love y’all so much and are so thankful we got to celebrate with you!


Katelyn + Will



PHOTOGRAPHY | Katelyn Workman Photography

DRESS | The Vow Boutique

FLORIST | Thomasyard

VENUE | Mount Grove Community Building

DJ | Key to Adam

VIDEOGRAPHER | Molly Browning Film and Photo

CAKE | Jennifer Rohrbaugh

CATERING | Mountain State Expo


INVITATIONS | Liz Carlson Craft Site


  1. Jennifer Rohrbaugh says:

    These pics are fabulous! You captured every little detail! It was a gorgeous wedding!!❤️

  2. Lisa Sypolt’s says:

    Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much Katelyn & Will!! Absolutely unbelievable!!!

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