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What’s in my camera bag? | Katelyn Workman Photography

It is so hard to choose what gear to invest in when starting photography. Of course, there are always things to upgrade and things to want, but here is a list of everything I take on a wedding day and where to find them!

A good bag

I love my Kamrette backpack!!


We both shoot with a Canon Mark iii. But if you are just starting to love photography and looking for an intro camera, I’m going to link my first camera too!

85 mm lens


50 mm lens

I personally like this one better than the 1.2 and it is affordable so we have multiple.

35 mm lens

This has become a favorite for lifestyle/family shots

100 mm lens

Not necessary for family photography, but a must have for wedding details.


Flash stands



More batteries

64 gb SD cards

128 gb CF cards

Emergency umbrellas


Hand sanitizer 


Apple Watch

This is great for communicating with Will, keeping up with timeline, setting reminders, etc.

I hope this is helpful– let me know what your favorite gear is!!

With love,

Katelyn Workman


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