February 9, 2021


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January 2021 Family Scrapbook

For a photographer, I am THE WORST about printing photos. Recently after designing custom albums and ordering professional prints for clients, I have made it a personal goal to print more photos. We invest in photo sessions with other talented photographers often, and my iPhone is out snapping photos at home basically all day every day, and they just sit on my phone.

So, I just started ordering Chatbooks! These are cheap, not high quality, but just fun and perfect for printing the candid iPhone shots and imperfect every day moments just sitting on your phone. Each month, you choose 30 photos to go into a mini book for the month. I’m so excited for these, especially while our kids are growing so fast. I thought it would be fun to share those thirty imperfect, unedited photos on the blog with a monthly recap each month. *I may have share a few extras just because.* These are not professional or perfect at all, but just some fun family memories each month!

Sawyer loves to help “cook.” By cook, I mean he loves to sit in his high chair and play with utensils. Thes spoon is his current fave.  Bffs. He currently screams “Babababa” whenever Sis is out of site. Kind of hoping he calls her Bubba because it’s so cute.   Sonya and I started Beachbody workouts and love doing them together.  The cutest. He loves this toy that was a Christmas gift from Gram.  Sonya enjoyed lots of dance rehearsals for her first show!  Grabbing snuggles whenever we can. We got to meet our newest nephew, Heath. It is so cool having my brother and his wife live a few streets over, and we love watching the kids start to play together.  Girl’s day! We spent time with Will’s Pawpaw Bill after finding out his cancer had progressed. It was such a sweet time to spend with family, even though it was hard and we already miss him so much.   Sawyer loves road trips and is a perfect baby in the car.  He is SO close to crawling!  Will started a country music podcast with his friend in Nashville and gets up at 5 am to record. Sonya loved dancing on the stage and we are looking forward to watching the film together!   Obsessed with the book “The Pout Pout Fish.”   We finally found a food Sawyer likes…. he said forget the purees, give me the pizza! He now likes pizza, beans, applesauce, bananas, and banana crisps. I am so excited to get this month’s mini Chatbook! If you want to try it, you can use this code for $10 off your first order: $10 off

With love,

Katelyn Workman


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