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Virginia Wedding Photographer | Tips for Brides | Feature Friday| Interview with Beautyforashes

February 27, 2021

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Hi, friends!

I had the idea to start a new fun project where every week I interview a wedding vendor to get tips from them for brides. I am also featuring them on the blog and summarizing our interview in case you missed it or want to look back for advice!

This week I interviewed my sweet friend, Ashley. We met years ago while working at Camp Highroad in northern Virginia. Now years later we both love working in the wedding industry! She started her hair and makeup business called Beauty For Ashes in 2017 and is so passionate about making brides feel their best on wedding days.

Q: Tell us about who you are?

A: A full-time social worker during the school year and a hair and makeup artist on the weekends. I started the business as a way for extra income and ended up loving it so much I have continued in addition to another full-time job.

Q: Favorite thing about your job?

A: Getting to experience the excitement of the beginning of the wedding day and be calming presence for the bride.

This is SO important when choosing all of your vendors!! Make sure you choose vendors who are going to serve you and put you first, and really add to your experience.

Q: What advice would you give to brides?

A: Be flexible when choosing your style and trust the artist. When you just search on Pinterest and find the perfect look, take into consideration your own features and that your artist might be able to enhance your own features differently by modifying that look. Also make sure you schedule a consultation and be honest then so that you get the perfect look you want.

Q: Favorite part of your own wedding day?

How intimate and cozy it was. Even though it poured rain all day, we trusted our photographer to go out in the rain and I love those memories!

Q: What should brides remember when choosing a hair and makeup artist?

A: Make sure you connect well with them and are able to communicate with them. You don’t want someone you don’t vibe with spending so much intimate time with you on you wedding day.

You can see the full interview on IGTV, but I hope this is helpful when searching for your own hair and makeup artist! Ashley is from Ashburn, Virginia, close to Washington, D.C., but she serves all over Virginia and is up for traveling anywhere! You can find her here: and you can also check out her youtube channel for fun tutorials!!

If you’re interested in next week’s interview, I will announce soon who I will be interviewing next Wednesday evening live at 7:00!!

With love,

Katelyn Workman

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