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Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner? | Guest Mia Bella Originals

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner? Wedding planners have such an important role on your wedding day! I was so happy to have Gail with Mia Bella Originals, one of the top West Virginia wedding planners, share her thoughts on why you need a wedding planner and different options!! I am also sharing photos from an incredible styled shoot we collaborated on that was published in West Virginia Weddings Magazine.

Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Why do brides pay for other reputable vendors to provide services for their event but many do not think of hiring a good wedding planner or coordinator?

Many times, brides do not feel they need a wedding planner or coordinator and do not consider hiring one…….until they have exhausted their budget or it is too late.

Countless brides contact Mia Bella Originals asking what we charge for day-only coordination because they do not “want to spend a lot”.  To maintain the elevated level of service that we are known for, Mia Bella Originals does not offer day-only coordination.  We must be involved with the details at least 30 days from your event.  It takes quite a bit of time on our end to tie up loose ends and communicate with your vendors, consult with you on your details, do an event schedule/timeline, etc. and a single day just does not allow sufficient time.

The days of small church weddings with mints and finger sandwiches in the fellowship hall are becoming fewer and farther between as weddings are becoming more of a choreographed event with tents, DJs, videographers, photo booths, and elaborately decorated receptions. There are many vendors involved and many details to consider.  Most brides work full-time these days and planning a wedding can be overwhelming and mentally exhausting so hiring a professional planner and/or coordinator is necessary.

Is there a difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator?

Yes, a wedding “planner” is one who will begin your wedding planning journey with you and guide you through the entire process.  The planner should tour your venue, help you choose the best vendors for your needs and budget, communicate regularly with your vendors, keep you informed of the planning progress and work closely with you to achieve your specific needs for your event.  This person will be “on call” to you for questions, concerns, and encouragement from the beginning of the planning until the end of the reception.  They will also conduct your rehearsal, prepare your timeline and oversee the activities the day of the event and manage the setup and breakdown of the event.  

A wedding “coordinator” is one who becomes involved only several weeks from your event day and steps in to handle your final communications with vendors and everyone who will be involved with the wedding day.  They will conduct a rehearsal with you, prepare your timeline for the day and oversee all the activity the day of the event so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  Coordinators may also manage the setup and breakdown of the event.

If you want a hands-free, stress-free event that lives up to the money you put into it, hire an experienced wedding planner and/or coordinator that manages everyone and whose sole purpose is to make sure your event is what you have envisioned.  It will be money well spent and your other vendors will appreciate it too!

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Guest Writer and design: Gail Ray

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