September 5, 2022


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Cloudspot Client Gallery

Cloudspot Client Gallery

ASK KWP: How do you deliver client photos?

You have put in the work. You have conquered manual mode. You have practiced and then practiced again. You have built your portfolio with modeling sessions.

The moment you have been working for is here: you have your first paying client.



Suddenly you realize you need a way to deliver these images you are so proud of to your client, but the idea of dropping them in a Facebook message is not quite the level of professionalism you are hoping for.

Do people still use flash drives? Maybe? But there is definitely a better way.

Cloudspot is an AMAZING gallery delivery system.

I have used several other client gallery systems, but have recently after a lot of thought and research, found Cloudspot to be the best.

If you have never used a website like this, let me share some cool features here, but even if you have a client gallery system, keep reading!

With Cloudspot, you can upload those photos you are so proud of into an online gallery. No more Facebook messages or flash drives (if anyone even does these things anymore).

I am the grandma of all grandmas when it comes to technology. I will not use anything online unless it is super user-friendly. Like your grandma can use it. Honestly I am probably less tech-savvy than your grandma if I am being completely honest!

With Cloudspot, I can quickly and easily upload client photos. Then they can download high resolution and mobile resolution of their photos. The gallery layout is beautiful but also so simple. And clients can even order prints straight from their gallery that will be processed and delivered all without me needing to keep up with any of that.

Also, I love supporting small businesses. But I have high standards for which companies I support and even higher standards for which companies I will share with you. Their employees have been so kind, and communicated well and I love their level of professionalism and how easy they make it for grandmas at heart like me.

I mentioned that I have used other platforms before, so I wanted to mention a big reason to switch. The upload times are SO much faster than others I have tried. Also, they migrated every single gallery over from my other site. I probably never would have switched if I would have had to do that manually!

Try it yourself using this link and get 20% off your first year!


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With love,

Katelyn Workman


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