April 3, 2018


Katelyn Workman



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Easter 2018, WV + VA Photographer

Every year it is tradition at the Drake house for my mom to fix way too much food and to fill their home with people. Even though we have a small family, the house is always packed with friends, especially friends who need a home for the holidays. This year was no different!

After a delicious meal with ham, rolls, potatoes, and every kind of casserole you can imagine, (thanks Mom!) we spent time together laughing and sharing stories. While the adults were chatting, our little one went to each person in the room and gave them a chance to wear her bunny ears. When our friend Jacob told her that was funny, she replied with the most serious face, “No funny business” which had us all laughing.

After the no funny business, it was time to open Easter baskets. My mom is the most servant-hearted person I know, and she still gets all of the kids Easter baskets even though we are married and some have kids of our own! Will and I are especially thankful our basket includes a date night with sitter this year, because our girl loves going to Mimi’s and we love date night!!

After stuffing our bellies and receiving gifts, our little one got to dye Easter eggs for the first time. I wish I could share all of the photos I snapped of her, because she was the cutest thing (in my unbiased opinion) I have EVER seen!

My family (especially my dad) tends to be difficult when it comes to getting photos… so usually we get one terrible family photo a year at a random time that inevitably ends up on the Christmas card. So I insisted we snap a few with my tripod and my new camera remote (which is AWESOME!) and I am so glad I did because we all ended up laughing and loving them!


Katelyn Workman


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