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Bales Family, WV Family Photographer

I have known the Bales family since Emily was teeny tiny! I hadn’t gotten to me the newest addition to their family yet, so I was thrilled when Abby asked me to take their family photos. This was the first time EVER they’ve had professional family photos done, but they are the most photogenic and I sure hope this is not the last time they get in front of my camera!

Emily has come out of her shell as she has grown + is so full of personality! Instead of shying away from the camera, she immediately started posing and flashing the most beautiful smile. She looks so much like her gorgeous mom. Can you believe she just had a baby?? Abby is such an inspiration for new mommas!

While Emily looks just like her mom, sweet Madison looks so much like her dad! She was SO camera shy, and I can’t wait to see how her personality comes out as she gets older.

This session was so much fun, because none of these photos were forced… except maybe trying to convince Madison to smile at me. But this family just interacts in the sweetest ways, and I loved getting to capture some of these moments!


Katelyn Workman


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