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As we were packing for this trip, I wondered how I convinced Will it was a good idea to fly to Florida with two kids when I’m not very good at flying and we usually stuff our entire car full for a day trip… but somehow it happened and we found ourselves walking into the […]

After a hard week with a lot of moodiness and behavior problems, I was sitting in the living room and Sonya was playing in her room. I could hear her singing “Lord I need You” over and over. Then she walked into the living room with tears streaming down her face and just said, “Mom, […]

I don’t really understand how it felt like I was pregnant for an eternity and then I blinked and have a nine month old… but here we are. Sawyer James is the biggest blessing. He is still so happy and snuggly and brings so much joy to our life. His favorite things are still his […]

February has been such a month! I’ve been doing a lot of the behind the scenes business work and we have had several gorgeous engagement sessions, and have had tons of family time in between! Here are some of our favorite memories from this month!!¬† ¬†Sonya loves her cousins and was so happy to hold […]

It seems like the more time passes, the quicker it seems to go. Life is just flying by and my kids are growing each day and somehow another birthday is already here. Even though my 27th year was definitely an unusual one, I have so much to be thankful for. For some, it was the […]

For a photographer, I am THE WORST about printing photos. Recently after designing custom albums and ordering professional prints for clients, I have made it a personal goal to print more photos. We invest in photo sessions with other talented photographers often, and my iPhone is out snapping photos at home basically all day every […]

I’ve already shared why we chose homeschooling, but honestly even though I knew it would be best, I struggled with deciding whether I would enjoy it. I had a lot of apprehensions, and it has been a much more positive experience than I expected! So I wanted to share some of the reasons why we […]

From before I should have, I just had a weird feeling I was pregnant. As soon as I could, I took a little test to confirm my suspicion. And since we have shared that news, I have been shocked by the response of some who don’t know us well. We’ve heard the superstition that as […]

Sarah is so beautiful and talented! She is a senior this year and captain of her school’s dance team, and somehow balances that with rehearsals at her studio all the time, too! I loved getting to know her and enjoyed this senior session SO much! Since my seniors can choose to have a traditional session […]

Where to begin! As I sat in my office, overwhelmed with the stress of finances that always comes after blowing the budget during the holidays which was amplified by major car problems and medical bills from a fluke accident, I started to look for photos to summarize our year. I decided that I wouldn’t just […]

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