February 20, 2021


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Happy 28th Birthday To Me | West Virginia Photographer

It seems like the more time passes, the quicker it seems to go. Life is just flying by and my kids are growing each day and somehow another birthday is already here. Even though my 27th year was definitely an unusual one, I have so much to be thankful for.

For some, it was the worst year. We survived a freaking pandemic. And somehow, our family is a little closer, my business is thriving, and we have learned to appreciate the little things like taking walks together with my mom and sister-in-law and nephew and family movie nights.

This year Will and I enjoyed simple date nights like buying way too much candy and watching movies on netflix, we learned to love chess, we went to The Greenbrier and The Vault and the beach and Dollywood and the bowling alley and hiking and Chick-Fil-A and our favorite hole in the wall Mexican place way too many times. We photographed some amazing weddings despite the pandemic and met some amazing couples. We encouraged each other to grow and somehow appreciated each other more.

Sonya and I took a lot of walks where she started a nature collection, we read a lot of Magic Treehouse books, did a lot of puzzles (mostly she did them and I took a picture at the end) we worked out, watched The Great British Baking Show and American Idol together, gave manicures and pedicures, obsessed over Taylor Swift, and have almost survived another year homeschooling.

During my 27th year of life, God gave me a little boy I didn’t know I needed. Pregnancy was the hardest part of the year. I felt like I was in a brain fog the whole time, watched the entire Grey’s Anatomy series again, ate a lot of nacho fries, and spent way too much time in bed. I gained a lot of weight and cried a lot of tears, but gave birth to a healthy, happy baby boy in my kitchen with the most patient midwife. I can’t say I will do it again, but I am so glad God gave us Sawyer James when he did. He just overflows with joy and makes us smile all day long.

This year was so different than I expected, but I am so thankful for all of the memories we made and for our little family, and I can’t wait to see what year 28 holds… even though after this year I will probably stop saying my age out loud, haha!

Here a few photos from our very low-key birthday fun that was exactly what I needed!

 Chocolate-chip pancakes, bacon, and coffee brought to me in bed after sleeping as late as I wanted was amazing! We played a lot of chess, drank a lot of coffee, and they all agreed to make a fun dance video with me that you can see on Insta!  Dinner at one of my fave Mexican restaurants! Love my people!!!

With love,

Katelyn Workman


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