May 14, 2021


Katelyn Workman



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West Virginia Photographer | Florida Family Vacation | North Hutchinson Island, Florida

As we were packing for this trip, I wondered how I convinced Will it was a good idea to fly to Florida with two kids when I’m not very good at flying and we usually stuff our entire car full for a day trip… but somehow it happened and we found ourselves walking into the airport at 7:00 for a 9:30 pm flight… which was hours past both of the kids bed times. Sonya was so excited, and Sawyer was wild and did not want to sleep.

After waiting for hours at the airport, around 10:00 pm, with two tired and grumpy kids, they announced that our flight was CANCELLED. Thankfully, they were going to bring a new plane the next day, but we were two hours from home, exhausted, and didn’t even know what time the new flight would be!! After a disaster of trying to cancel the hotel in Orlando, booking one in Roanoke only to realize we couldn’t stay there because they had no crib and having to cancel that one, we finally ended up getting some rest!

After a lot of me mumbling “whose idea was this” we ended up with a beautiful day the next day and a flight at noon which was a lot more manageable. The sweet flight crew gave Sonya an airplane pin and a snack bag because it was her first flight, and Sawyer nursed and then fell asleep on me for the whole ride. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better experience once we finally got going! Once we got to the beach we went for a walk with Uncle Charlie and Sonya collected way too many shells. She loved the shells and sea glass! Then we just spent the week relaxing on the beach and at the pool and it was wonderful!!  This cutie absolutely loved playing in the sand and the waves!! Uncle Charlie took us out for Sonya’s first boat ride while Sawyer stayed and played with Aunt Karen and she loved it!! Sawyer loved playing in his walked on the balcony.  This big bucket filled with water kept them entertained for hours!! I read this book and it really good! I never take the time to read for fun while I am home so I always enjoy a good thriller while on vacay.

We found the best ice cream one evening!! SO GOOD. We really enjoyed getting to spend time with Willie’s Aunt and Uncle. They are getting ready to celebrate their 50th anniversary and are such inspiring people! I did a terrible job only taking photos of the kids… whoops. Will was there too, constantly setting up umbrellas, and carrying kids back and forth to the beach! The flight back was long and tiring because Sawyer decided he no longer believed in sleep… but we made it and are so thankful for the fun family time to relax and enjoy Florida!!

With love,

Katelyn Workman


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