November 12, 2019


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Photography Is Not My Passion

When I first got my camera, I remember being SO excited to take pictures any chance I could. I love being creative and I love learning new things, so I quickly wanted to learn everything I could to become the best. But as I have formed this business I have learned something that is hard to admit…

Photography is not my passion.

Please don’t stop reading here because that line can be deceiving and you might read that and tell everyone you know to stop hiring me… so keep reading!!

I quickly realized that while I enjoy taking pictures, what I am really truly passionate about is PEOPLE. I love that photography has given me the coolest outlet for building relationships with people!!

More than taking pictures, I love serving brides by praying with them when they are stressed and laughing with them during portraits. Of course I work hard to give them the most beautiful portraits because I know that by doing that, I am serving them well and giving them tangible memories to hold on to!!

But let’s be honest… there are 536,372,789 photographers… in our county… so why would I try to continue in this market??

Okay maybe that’s an exaggeration. But there are a lot of people who like taking pictures and there isn’t anything wrong with that. But the real reason why I love my job so much is because my brides become life-long friends, and at each wedding day we become a part of a new family. I get so excited when I see a bride and groom’s face light up when we share a few sneak peeks during their reception, and I just love sharing the joy of a wedding day with the sweetest couples.

I love that years after her wedding, Kaila is sending me baby photos and advice during my pregnancy. I love that I got to be there when Hannah (one of our brides) prayed over Amanda (another one of our brides) as she was getting ready and may or may not have had tears in my own eyes. I love that the bond we share with our couples continues years after their weddings and we get to see them continue to love each other and grow their families!

So, yes, I take pride in the beauty that I get to create; but what I really love that keeps me going is the sweetest couples + their friends and families that we get to know + serve!!

Thank you to every KWP Bride that has become friend and allowed us to grow this business and continue with our passion of serving people!!

(most of those photos are bad quality and this is certainly not all the couples we love, but I wanted to include a few!!)


Katelyn Workman


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