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KWP Gives Back | Helping Foster Parents in Our Community

November 22, 2021

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When Will and I had been married for six months, we both felt called to become foster parents. I was teaching at a very low-income school with a lot of students in broken homes, and felt burdened to make a difference, but Will said he wasn’t ready. I clearly remember the day he walked in the door, from a day working at a non-profit where he had watched a child get pulled from her home; he was broken, and said he was ready.

So we finished up our paperwork about a year into our marriage, still babies ourselves, and agreed to accept one of our first calls to become foster parents to a a little blonde-haired wild child names Sonya. foster parents

Sonya is now nine years old and the BEST big sister to her brother, Sawyer. We are forever grateful for our fostering journey that brought us our daughter. We also foster two other children who are now with wonderful adoptive homes. Because of Sonya, and our experience, we have always felt very passionate about foster care and making a difference in our community. We are no longer taking placements because of the stage we are in, but we really feel like our community needs to step up to support these kids and foster families.

While I was at Showit, God laid it on my heart to use KWP to make that difference. I have BIG plans in the works that will take time to come to fruition, but for now, we are starting small.

For every wedding package purchased, and every wedding album bought, we will donate to Children’s Home Society, the foster care organization we fostered through. This money will go specifically to help them put together their foster family support groups! foster parents

We are so excited to give back through KWP and are so thankful for each client and referral that makes this possible! Also, this is just a small part of the plans that are coming!


Katelyn Workman

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