December 10, 2021


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The Greenbrier Proposal | Holiday Proposal | Kayla + Scott

Kayla and I have known each other for years, and I was so excited when she booked one of my Greenbrier photo sessions… not knowing it would turn into a dream Greenbrier proposal!

I have loved seeing all of Kayla’s posts on social media and following her story with Scott and his daughter, Callie. I was so excited to finally meet them and take some photos for their Christmas card at The Greenbrier,

Then a few weeks before, Scott reach out to ask if it was okay for him to propose during the shoot!! Of course I said yes, and we planned how to do it while surprising her.

When we arrived at the spot I was doing Christmas photos, there was actually another couple there taking engagement photos. I could tell they just got engaged! While we were waiting for them to finish up, Scott kept saying he “needed some air” and stepping outside. I knew it was because he had to be nervous and not let her know!!

I just said to Kayla, “aww they just got engaged, this is the prettiest place for a proposal.” Will could barely keep a straight face as she responded, “I know, I would pass out if that were me, you’d have to call 911!”

She was completely serious, and I knew she would be shocked in just a few minutes during her own Greenbrier proposal!!  We had to start with the normal Christmas card photos she expected; I probably took too many because I wanted to make sure when I posed her for the big moment, it felt natural!  Then the time came; my knees were shaking taking these, so I know Scott had to feel that, too! Of course after, “Are you serious?? She quickly said yes with tears in her eyes. greenbrier proposal greenbrier proposal greenbrier proposal greenbrier proposalThis is going to be the happiest family, and we cannot wait for their wedding!!! greenbrier proposal greenbrier proposal greenbrier proposal greenbrier proposal Congratulations, Kayla and Scott! We are so happy we got to photograph this happiest moment!!!


Katelyn Workman

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