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Wedding Details | Detail Checklist for Your Wedding Day

The whole day begins with WEDDING DETAILS! I love getting to start the wedding day with the pretty little details you put so much thought into. Your detail photos will start to tell the story of your whole day and make your wedding magazine ready. It is best to collect all of your details before we arrive to save time! Feel free to put your coordinator or bridesmaid in charge of all those details so you don’t have to worry about.

Okay so you know that having wedding details ready is important, but what is included in this? I’ve made a quick little guide for you to reference in case you forget!

1. Rings (all three)wedding details

Most brides have one ring ready, but remember we will need all three rings for these photos so make sure you have them ready so we don’t have to hunt the groom’s ring down. Feel free to bring ring boxes as well, we love The Mrs. Box.

2. Bouquet wedding details

Yes we will need your bouquet! We will take close ups of your beautiful florals during your portraits, but we will grab some solo shots of it during this time as well.

3. Invitationswedding details

This is what a lot of people forget! If you want, you can even mail a few copies to use when you mail your invitation so we have a copy as a backup in case you forget on your wedding day.

4. Dress wedding details

We will need your dress and veil for an epic dress shot!

5. Shoes wedding details

If you want to be comfy but want epic shoe photos to add to your wedding album, then bring those gorgeous Bella Belle shoes for photos and then slip on some comfy shoes– no one needs to know!

6. Borrowed & bluewedding details

If you have these sentimental things that you want photos of, then feel free to add those to your details, too.

7. Perfume

A fun idea we see with some of our brides is splurging on a special perfume just for your wedding day! Then anytime you wear it, that smell will remind you of your best day.

8. Extras

You can ask your florist for extra loose florals to really add to your detail photos!

9. Earrings

Make sure you wait to put these one until after we get some photos!

10. Necklace/other jewelry

We will grab some photos of any other jewelry you have!

Save this to use when preparing for your wedding day!!

With love,

Katelyn Workman

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