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Engagement Session Location Ideas

Engagement session location ideas can be a scary thing to plan! If you have been around, you know I absolutely love engagement sessions. I love the time we get to spend getting to know our couples, and I love how laid back and fun they are. I love when the couple first arrive and they tell me how awkward or nervous they are, but then as the sun is setting they are laughing and telling me they can’t believe how much fun they have. I truly believe how you feel when you are taking the photos reflect how you feel about the actual photos. When I am screaming at you that you look PERFECT, then you will remember that confidence when you see them!

No matter where you choose, your engagement session will be a time for you to connect with your photographer while making memories with your fiancé, and who can go wrong with that?

We are now offering individual styling consultation with our couples for their engagement sessions, but I wanted to just put a few ideas out there for you who need some inspiration with engagement session location ideas.

When choosing, we love when our couples choose someplace that is meaningful to them. Here are 10 options for you to think about when choosing your engagement session location:

  • Where you first met.
  • Your first date location.
  • Proposal location.
  • Family farm. 
  • Favorite date night location.
  • Wedding venue. 
  • Favorite place to spend time outdoors. 
  • Favorite vacation spot. 
  • Favorite mountain view.
  • Downtown where your favorite restaurant is.

You can also usually choose two locations for your engagement session! So you could do a few fun photos at your favorite restaurant, and then slip away to a gorgeous field for some sunset portraits. Or, choose your favorite vacation spot and do a destination engagement session at the beach in Florida! You don’t have to choose someplace sentimental, but if you do, this list is a great place to start brainstorming! Here are a few engagement sessions we loved:

engagement session location ideas

Mia Bella Grand: We chose this because the bride’s favorite show is I Love Lucy, and she wanted something with those classic, vintage vibes!

engagement session location ideasMoncove Lake: We chose this because this lake is their favorite place to hang out together!

engagement session location ideasBlackwater Falls: We chose this because they spend a lot of time exploring here together.

engagement session location ideasBald Knob: We chose this because they love getting outside together and wanted an amazing mountain view.

engagement session location ideasClaytor Lake: The groom’s family has a house there where they spend their summers. It was perfect!engagement session location ideasFamily Home: We did their engagement session at the bride’s family home, which was also the location of the wedding! Virginia Tech: Where they met!

We have many more options and favorite locations and will carefully style each KWP couple’s engagement session, but hopefully this list will help get you started!!

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