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Do I Need a Wedding Album? | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Do I Need a Wedding Album?do i need a wedding album

When I got married and was looking over all of the options for a West Virginia wedding photographer, I laughed and said I didn’t, because I could print them myself. Then FOUR years later, they were still sitting in an online gallery.

I loved sharing stories of how my friends and I made our own bouquets… which I 10/10 would NOT recommend, and stories of our breakfast for dinner followed by s’mores and crazy dancing, but I didn’t have the photos to pair with the stories. Or if I did take the time to pull up the gallery and wait for them to load and remember my password, they were tiny on a little screen.

Four years after our wedding, we only had one image from that amazing day printed in our home.

I started realizing what an amazing heirloom these albums were that I saw photographer friends sharing.

Suddenly instead of laughing when asked,”Do I need a wedding photographer?” I realized what a disservice I was doing because the answer was a definite YES.

I carefully chose the photos for our 12″ handmade album by Kiss Books and keep it proudly in our living room where we can truly share our wedding story with friends, family, and our kids. Our daughter loves seeing all of the family photos and all of the happy moments from our wedding day and I cannot wait to share our wedding photos with our son one day.

Plan on the album, friends. Then upgrade it to include every moment. Make the most of your wedding memories and choose to have that heirloom to pass down to your children!

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