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Should I Do A First Look With Dad?

Should I do a first look with my dad? When wedding planning, there are SO many different things to plan. In this series, I’m going to answer frequently asked wedding questions, starting with this one!

Should I do a first look with my dad?

KWP’s answer: YES.

Obviously, this won’t make or break your wedding. But this is one of our favorite wedding day traditions.

It creates such a special moment and gives your dad a minute with his baby girl before giving her away, and it allows for a few portraits of the two of you before.

If you don’t know what a first look, it is pretty much what it sounds like- it gives the bride’s dad a minute to see her in her dress and to just soak it all in before the big dramatic walk down the aisle. It also gives your photographer a chance to document that moment you will treasure! It only adds a few minutes to your timeline and will give you another super special memory on your best day. 10/10 recommend.

Did you have a first look with your dad? I’d love to hear if you agree or disagree with our opinion!!

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