October 17, 2023


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What To Wear As A Wedding Photographer

What I Wear As A Wedding Photographer

Explore attire tips, outfit ideas, and practical advice to help you look professional and stylish while capturing those special moments. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this video has got you covered. Watch now to nail the perfect wedding photographer look!

My top things 

  1. Dress Professionally – dress for the clients you want! For us that means a black dress and a suit jacket for Will. When you arrive to a wedding you want to be recognized as a professional. 
  2. Accessories, it is the little things that stand out. I wear a bow in my hair for branding but also practicality, it keeps my hair looking put together and professional even after a long day of shooting. Think of simple jewelry or a fun pair of earrings as well. 


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  1. What I wear must be functional to work in. Think about what you can move in, still looks great by the end of the day. I always wear black because it hides sweat and is not distracting. I also wear flats or sandals that are comfortable to wear for 8+ hours. Right now I am loving Dr. Scholl’s flats but always on the lookout for new functional shoes! 

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