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The day of Iris and Paul’s engagement session, the weather forecast kept getting worse and worse. About two hours before the session, a sudden downpour happened and I knew if we continued with our plans, we could make it work, but it would be hard and not what we had planned for. Thankfully, even though […]

Are you dreaming of working for yourself but have no idea where to start? Here are some practical things to do to get started. Find what you are passionate about. Owning a business is HARD. There is no one to keep you accountable but yourself. You don’t clock in and clock out. Your success depends […]

     Congratulations! You just got engaged and you are so excited to start this planning process. You quickly choose a date and you choose a location, and then it is time to choose a photographer. Some people might even choose their photographer before they choose their date because it is that important. Now I know I’m […]

Less than two years ago, my husband splurged and bought me my first DSLR camera. I had wanted one for years but never made the investment. Now here I am, less than two years later with a full-time career in wedding photography. How crazy is that?? Other small business owners and friends think I have […]

Confession: I am not naturally gifted at technology. But, I am a DIY kind of person. In fact, if something is more difficult, then I just see it as a challenge that I have to defeat! So because of this, I end up doing things the hard way more often than I should. So for […]

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