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How to Respond to Leads | Photographer’s Guide

In this video I share my top tips on how to respond to leads as a Photographer. 

Four Tips To Respond To Leads

  1. Respond Quickly. You do not have to respond right away, just don’t wait multiple days. Think about a bride inquiring with a couple photographers in the area and your response comes in 5 days later. Most likely the bride has already booked with another photographer. A way to automate this is to use a responder with a personal touch to send quickly after an inquiry. I use HoneyBook and LOVE IT! I have a 50% off code for you. 

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  1. Create a Personal Connection. For example, I usually respond within 24 hours and send a personalized video back in response to stand out and make a personal connection. Additionally, you can add personalized things on your website to make connections. Don’t be afraid to share on social media as well. The more someone relates to you, the more likely you are able to close the sale. 
  2. Solve their Problem. With your service be very clear about what solution or service you provide. Be sure to respond to all questions and use active listening. Another way to do this is create a custom collection for them based on their intake form to show you really read it.
  3. Make Closing The Lead Very Easy. I don’t know about you, but when there are too many steps in a check-out process it is more likely that I won’t actually purchase. Have direct links or a clear simply process where they can submit a deposit, book the date, etc. for a seamless booking experience.

I hope you enjoyed this video on how to Respond to Leads as a Photographer. Ultimately, make sure you are responding to leads as quickly as possible with a personal touch. Additionally, do what you can to go above and beyond to serve them so you stand out and they truly want to work with you. 

If you’d like to learn more about Sales and Generating Leads as a Photographer, download my Guide: How to get More Clients for FREE! https://katelynworkmanphotography.com/bookmoreclients 

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