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What to Post on Instagram | Business Basics

March 15, 2022

What to Post on Instagram

One day over family dinner, I was immediately hurt when my dad said something like, “I never pay attention to what you post on Instagram anymore because it is just a bunch of people getting married that I don’t know.”

This was the point in my business that I was working so hard to have a curated feed, and was proud that I actually had weddings to share that I worked so hard on. But engagement on the app was dwindling, and his comment actually really made me think about what to post on Instagram.

If my own family is losing interest in what I am posting, then how am I going to keep everyone else engaged?

Yes, the 5% of my Instagram following that was girls planning weddings might care, but that was it.

I needed to keep the other 95% interested and engaged.


Why do I need everyone else to keep following and paying attention?

Because when Karen who was my best friend’s mom when I was 14 starts talking to a friend who is looking for a wedding photographer, I want to be the first one to come to mind.

Not just because I take pretty photos, because a lot of people take pretty photos… but because she feels connected to me personally and wants her friend to support me and she trusts me.

People buy from REAL people.

I realized that while I was proud of those perfectly curated wedding photos, what was going to keep me connected to my audience and the first to come to mind for referrals, was actually creating a personal connection.

So yes, of course, share the beautiful work you are proud of. Use your grid to create something beautiful. But also remember to use it to share the PERSON BEHIND THE PRODUCT. what to post on instagram

That is how you keep people engaged and connected, so that when they are ready to buy, or their friend is ready to buy, you will be the person they know and love.

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Always Cheering For You,

Katelyn Workman

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