August 8, 2022


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How to Grow A Business: Personal Marketing

How to grow a business is one of those questions that we all have and want a simple answer too, right? Like, please someone just give me the secret key to actually being profitable and being able to work for myself! There are so many pieces to help grow a business, so I am going to do a whole series on this. Today the topic is one of my favorites:


Ask KWP: What is personal marketing?

When I started my photography business, do you know what I knew about business and marketing? Literally nothing. My education and job experience consisted of a wide assortment of things, from one summer of retail at a children’s store, to dental assisting, to being a camp counselor leader, and then a degree in childhood education.

What did I know about?

Connecting with people. From the very first time I photographed a couple, I knew I loved the connection it created. I loved connecting with people through social media, and sharing our fostering journey on my blog. And what I found was that creating these connections, and marketing myself as a real person was exactly the business and marketing experience I needed to grow a business.

Personal Marketing is the key to being profitable and impactful by connecting with clients and colleagues.

This is all about creating a personal connection by sharing WHO YOU ARE.


We crave connection.

We spend money on things that matter.

So how do you know where to start when marketing personally? This doesn’t mean suddenly documenting your day from brushing your teeth to going to bed at night for instagram and sharing every single piece of you. This is not sustainable and really not safe.

Start with a 60 second brain dump.

brain dump: things you love, what makes you unique, passions, burdens

I’d encourage you to pause from reading this, grab a paper and a pencil, set your timer for sixty seconds, and just go for it.

The BIGGEST MISTAKE I see is this:

Trying to fit into a mold of who you think you should be.

People connect with authenticity.

From that brainstorm, write down five things that will be your core focus. I would encourage you to have one of these five be a passion that will be impactful. Our impact focus is fostering. This connects with clients who share the same heart of compassion, and it shares our story, and it makes an impact in the fostering community by encouraging others to make a difference as well.

Bonus tips: if your impact focus can be connected in an even greater way by donating a portion of your business to a non-profit, this is an amazing way to make an impact while making a profit.

If you get overwhelmed with sharing content on your different platforms, try tailwind! I love how simple it is for scheduling content to personal marketing easier. Get a free month using this link:

If you want more tips on how to implement this, go download my free jumpstart marketing guide here to get started: FREE MARKETING GUIDE!!

Feel free to check out other free business content here:


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