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What to Post on Instagram One day over family dinner, I was immediately hurt when my dad said something like, “I never pay attention to what you post on Instagram anymore because it is just a bunch of people getting married that I don’t know.” This was the point in my business that I was […]

business basics

I found myself often envious of the ones who have gone before me in the industry who talk about starting a business in their “hustle season.” They share about surviving working around the clock 24/7 for years and how they put the time in before they had kids. They share about working 50 weddings a […]

business basics

We have all had them. One minute the ideas are flowing and we just feel ready to conquer the world with the content we are creating, and then suddenly something happens and we just feel stuck. The creative rut. When you are in the rut, it can feel impossible to get out. You might even […]

business basics

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