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How to Get out of a Creative Rut | Business Basics

We have all had them. One minute the ideas are flowing and we just feel ready to conquer the world with the content we are creating, and then suddenly something happens and we just feel stuck.

The creative rut.

When you are in the rut, it can feel impossible to get out. You might even feel like Andy from Parks and Recreation, in the bottom of the Pit and not sure how to get out.


The WORST thing you can do is pull out your phone and scroll through Instagram to be “inspired.” When you spend time on social media consuming from others, instead of being inspired, you will either be discouraged comparing yourself to other and feeling the need to be where they are or do things the way they are, or you will simply steal someone else’s idea and re-purpose it as something inspired. In fact, when you are in “The Rut,” spending time on social media will make your problem worst, not better.

Everyone thinks differently, and if you are really stuck, you might need to do many of these things, so don’t be discouraged if you try one and are still stuck. Having incredible ideas and content and products takes TIME and you have to give yourself the space to be amazing.

  1. Go for walk. No headphones, no walking buddy. Just get outside with the birds and the fresh air and give your mind a little time to wander. Sometimes this is all a mental block takes.
  2. Go for a drive.  Is it rainy and a walk isn’t an option? Go for a drive. Either drive aimlessly by yourself and let those thoughts wander, or take a travel buddy to drive and bounce ideas off of. Some of my biggest breakthrough moments have happened in the car, driving through the mountains, sharing my heart with my husband.
  3. Read a new book. It is GOOD to seek inspiration, just make sure you are seeking it in the right place. Reading business books is one of the best places to find it!
  4. Find a mentor. If you have an idea but don’t know how to take off with it the right way, then find a mentor or a coach who will help guide you to get the idea moving again.
  5. 60 second idea bomb. I love this one. Set a timer for 60 seconds and write furiously all the ideas that come to mind. It is too fast to second guess yourself and enough time to come up with some major idea bombs. At the end of the minute, choose one idea to expand on.
  6. Get a coffee. If you drive to get coffee every morning you might think this won’t make a difference… but hear me out. Going to a new or old local coffee shop and just getting away from your every day environment is sometimes all it takes to gain a new perspective. So get a coffee, and maybe even take your journal and journal your thoughts.
  7. Scenic hike. Go for a long hike, either alone or with friends, to just give yourself the space to think. If you are a verbal processor, take a friend who is ready to listen. If you are an internal processor, go alone and maybe just do voice-to-text notes so you don’t forget your little idea bursts.
  8. Start writing. Just get a giant paper or expo board and start brain dumping. This is different than the idea bomb, because you aren’t timing yourself, and can take the time to expand on things. It is amazing what you will come up with when you just start writing!

Be encouraged that if you are in the rut, you fell in the pit, YOU WILL GET OUT! You have had amazing ideas before and you will have them again, just make sure you are giving yourself the white space you need to make magic.

If you tried one, or several, of these and they were helpful, please share in the comments and let me know!

With love,

Katelyn Workman


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