March 4, 2022


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Starting a Business as a Mom

I found myself often envious of the ones who have gone before me in the industry who talk about starting a business in their “hustle season.” They share about surviving working around the clock 24/7 for years and how they put the time in before they had kids. They share about working 50 weddings a year with endless hours of editing to build their six-figure empires.

I found myself wishing I could have had the hustle years, and built my business before I had a house full of kids and mom responsibilities.

I found myself wishing I could have been starting a business and setting things in place for passive income and traveled the world before I was tied down to being a mom.

But I realized that doing things differently is what gives me the heart and the knowledge to teach others who are in that same position.

You CAN build a business you are passionate about while you have kids.

You CAN start a new hobby that turns into a profitable career.

You CAN match your previous salary and create a balanced life while you have a family.

I didn’t book 50 weddings my first year. Or my second. Or my third.

I could have.

But what would life have looked like for my kid? starting a business

I got my first camera as a birthday gift from my husband. At the time, I wanted to be able to take better pictures of our kids. We started fostering a little girl, and then another. I loved taking pictures of our foster daughters, and started offering shoots to others for practice.

Then one day I realized this new hobby had the potential to be a career, and to give me the time and the energy I needed to pour into our daughter, who we then planned to adopt.

She needed me a lot more than my classroom kids did, and starting a business with photography became the solution to give me more time to be a better mom while still providing financially to our family, which was really important to me.

I am now able to work from home with my almost two-year old, pick our daughter (our first placement who we adopted) up from school every day, and do those things while providing financially a lot more than I did while teaching. And I am doing something I truly love and getting to serve the most amazing couples. starting a business

I LOVE what I do, and I love that I have been able to do it while already in the busy season of parenthood. I am so excited to share more strategies so that you can get there too, even if you are already in a busy stage of life, and how to do it in a way that provides balance in your life.

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Always cheering for you, friends!

Katelyn Workman

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