March 5, 2024


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Create Retreat 2024

Create Retreat 2024 was exactly what I had hoped and dreamed! Years ago, after attending multiple conferences, I started writing down ideas in a journal for this retreat called “Create.” I knew how many people go to conferences, or invest in online courses, and keep chasing education but never implementing and never giving them space to dream their OWN ideas. I started thinking of all the ways to get out of a creative rut– things like connecting with a friend to share ideas, or getting out to a coffee shop, or going for a walk, or making a dream board… and I wanted to put all of those things into a weekend to find real community with others because I know that is the MOST important part of creating a sustainable business.

This was round 2 of Create Retreat, and I worried a lot honestly that it wouldn’t live up to the first, because last year was so perfect.

But what was SO special about this year was seeing the impact that was made last year. Hearing these like:

“When I made my new website, I immediately got feedback from a friend here”

“I couldn’t figure out my new camera and I facetimed a friend from here and they walked me through it”

“I would have quit this year if I didn’t have this community”

“I truly found myself with this group”

When my sweet husband interviewed everyone and asked their favorite part, it wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about me or strategies I taught them. Every single person mentioned the community.





Entrepreneurship is lonely, and dang hard. Create Retreat is something SO special, and if you know any entrepreneur friends who need a place to dream and create together, Create Retreat is the place to be.

For more info and to grab your spot:

create retreat 2024
create retreat 2024
create retreat 2024
create retreat 2024
create retreat 2024
create retreat 2024
create retreat 2024


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