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Tips for a Perfect Engagement Session

5 Tips for a Perfect Engagement Session

Hi, engaged friends!! If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re gearing up for that magical engagement session – a chance to celebrate this sweet time in your relationship. While it can be so special, it can also be so stressful to start the engagement process with so many decisions to make!! I’ve got a handful of tips to ensure your engagement session is exactly what you have dreamed of. So, let’s jump in!

5 tips for a perfect engagement session
  1. Choose a photographer you connect with: In order to have your dream session, the most important part is choosing the best photographer for you!! There are SO many photographers out there, but there are a few things to look for. Make sure you connect with them on a personal level! This will make the session way more fun and less awkward. View some galleries and make sure those are the vibes you are looking for. If you look through galleries and they aren’t the editing style or you think the posing isn’t for you, then you might need to keep looking.
5 tips for a perfect engagement session

2. Styling: Coordinating outfits is a game-changer, but confidence is key! I’m all about capturing those genuine moments, and if you’re feeling at ease in what you’re wearing, those moments will be even sweeter. Think timeless and something you feel super confident in – let your personalities shine through your outfit choices. And don’t be afraid to way over-dress! Our couple typically love a chance to get all dressed up together and head to a date night after.

5 tips for a perfect engagement session

3. Pick a Spot with Heart: First things first – location. If you don’t have a pretty place in mind, choose one that speaks to your love story. Did sparks fly at a quaint coffee shop? Or you have a favorite beach you take your puppies to together? Or maybe your hearts collided in a bustling city? Wherever it is, make it a spot that means something to both of you. Trust me; it sets the stage for memories.

5 tips for a perfect engagement session

4. Just Be Yourselves: I know it is awkward to be in front of the camera!! But don’t stress- we will completely direct you with posing. Yes, we want the sweet moments, but we don’t expect you to know what looks natural. So we will pose, and we will add movement and sweet moments to capture all the classics and the candids in between.

5. Bring a Little ‘You’ to the Shoot: Let’s sprinkle some personal magic into your session. Got a favorite book, a vintage find, or maybe a shared hobby? Bring it along! Or grab some beautiful florals, or a necklace that was gifted. Incorporating personal things adds a dash of your unique story to the photos. It’s those little details that make your session truly yours.

So, there you have it – 5 tips for a perfect engagement session. I can’t wait to capture the laughter, the classic moments, and everything in between. Remember, your engagement session is supposed to be the fun start to this season of wedding planning, so don’t forget to enjoy it!! 💕✨

Thanks for checking out this week’s blog post on 5 tips for a perfect engagement session! If you’re new here, I am Katelyn Workman, a Virginia and destination wedding photographer. My husband and I photograph every wedding as a team, and we absolutely love serving the best KWP couples that turn into family by the end of their wedding photography experience. If you are looking for a wedding photographer, just start with an inquiry to check your date and from there we will reach out with collection options and plan the perfect wedding photography package for you! Can’t wait to be besties!! 

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