March 19, 2019


Katelyn Workman



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Ashleigh + Jon | Babcock State Park Engagement

Since our newest Foster Love arrived, I haven’t left him much. I have had several engagement sessions that we rescheduled due to nasty weather, and I had to schedule around him… so when we finally got a pretty day, I was dying to get a chance to be creative again.

So I hugged Little Man good-bye with tears in my eyes (I know, I’ll be a wreck when he leaves), and I drove to Babcock State Park to meet these two cuties.

The ride was beautiful and quite the adventure. I had to take the alternate route because I realized I didn’t have cash for the toll, I lost signal about an hour out, my GPS took me down a gravel road that was marked private property and had to back out of it once I got to a gate and had nowhere to turn around, I had to find a port-a-potty when I arrived because I didn’t pass a gas station for miles and the welcome center was closed… I was stressed to say the least!!

But then I met Ashleigh and Jon, and everything fell into place! They knew each other for years and years before falling in love, and they are so comfortable together. I love the laughs I caught between them! It was cold and windy, but we had enough sunlight peaking through the trees to give us images that I LOVE.

This engagement session brought me so much joy, and I know we will have a blast at their wedding!!  


Katelyn Workman


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