September 12, 2022


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What Do I Blog About? Ask KWP

Ask KWP: I want to start a blog for my business. What do I blog about?

Oooh I love this question so much. I think a lot of people discredit the importance of blogging, but it has always been something I have loved and something I know really helped my business explode that first year. There are so many ways blogging can be beneficial, and I am going to answer, what do I blog about? In three different sections.

  1. Blog the work you want!
what do I blog about

This might seem obvious, but a blog is a great and FREE way to share your photography work with clients, future clients, and fans.

Notice I did not say just blog your current work… but blog the work you want.

Your blog is an incredible place to curate your photos for your ideal client. If you do not currently have the work you want, then do the work you need to get there.

Ways to do this:

Styled shoots

Model shoots

Venue tours

Don’t have wedding photos you are proud of? Set up shoots at home! Style your own ring with fresh flowers. Borrow a friend with a wedding dress and take her to a beautiful venue!

Be very intentional about curating what you share with your ideal client in mind.

And share the story! If you are just dumping a bunch of photos, people are not going to care. Take the time to share the story behind the person and the experience behind the photos to connect with your readers.

2. Blog resources for clients!

ivy rose barn

One of the keys to building SEO (which is a fancy way of saying complicated things that make people actually find your website) is showing up consistently, which can be hard when you are just starting out. But a great idea is share things that are of value to your ideal client! And tag other vendors you want to work with! Here is a list of ideas to try for wedding photographers:

Wedding planning tips

Preferred venue spotlights

Interviews with wedding planners

Wedding themes

Top venues in your area

Timeline tips

How to choose a photographer

Local vendors

Style guide

Tips for their engagement session

I could go on and on… but be creative!

3. Blog personal content!

what do I blog about

One of my favorite tips for growing a business is personal marketing… and your blog is another great way to do this! Find ways to share about yourself and connect with your audience personally!! This also keeps readers who are not currently wedding planning interested, so that when their neighbor gets engaged, you are someone they know and trust to refer!!

Need more help knowing how to share personally? Download our free guide: How to Book More Clients for Free.

Need more individual help getting your blog started or coming up with content? Schedule a mentor session for a 1:1 with KWP: Mentoring info

With love,

Katelyn Workman


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