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How Do I Book More Weddings? | Ask KWP

Ask KWP: I am in a huge booking slump. How do I book more weddings? What are your secrets??

We booked FOUR weddings last week.

We do not book four every week. Mostly because we would die if we photographed that many weddings, haha!

But after booking several dream clients, I started getting message after message from photographers who were saying things like, “I haven’t booked a wedding in months,” “Do I need to lower my prices?” “Are my photos good enough?” “What are your secrets?”

I have BEEN THERE. We all have those weeks where you wonder if your e-mail is even working because you are just getting crickets.

And when that happens, it is easy to question everything.

This post is for the person who has been successfully booking weddings at your current price point and has hit a lull.

Not for the person who has never booked a wedding, or is trying to make a price jump, or something like that. If that is you and you need a true deep-dive into your business, go apply for a KWP Mentorship and see if we can really help you through a 1-on-1 session.

But if you are just in a slump and need to get some more momentum, here is my list of go-tos that I will try to shake things up and get out of the dreaded booking lull.


  1. Reconnect with vendors

Think about the friendors that you love. Your favorite florist, the DJ who keeps the party going. And find a way to reconnect with them. Remember- do this out of sincerity. The best way to succeed with networking is to want their business to succeed as much as yours. Send them a card to let them know you are thinking about them, or a little gift in the mail, or just a sweet dm and sharing their business on your insta story. Just find a thoughtful way to create another touch point with a vendor you love. *remember they are real people and actually connect with them with the intention of serving and encouraging authentically*

2. Meet new vendors

Find an event to meet new vendors you want to work with. Take one out to lunch, or gift them headshots, of just send them a card. Taking the time to start building new relationships is always worth it.

3. Model shoots

People want to see that you are in demand and consistently showing up. If you don’t have fresh content, create it! Plan a styled shoot, or attend one, or do a model call for an engagement session. Then share that content EVERYWHERE. Instagram, Facebook, vendor fb pages, your blog, Pinterest. Make sure you have someone filming you behind the scenes because future clients care more about this than the final images sometimes! And use those for stories, reels, and Tiktoks.

4. Show your demand/ create scarcity

It is amazing how real FOMO (fear of missing out) is. If you know there is only one new iphone left at your store, you are a lot more likely to commit to that purchase because you don’t want to miss out. You can do this by sharing your limited available dates left, sharing dates you have booked as announcements, or sharing how many days you have left.

5. Give value

Find clients and give value. This can look like finding engaged couples on instagram and sending a blog link with planning tips, or commenting on posts in bride groups answering questions. Don’t just find these future clients and pitch to them, but find them and show you care about them and share value!

6. Create an engagement session giveaway.

This is my best tip for a “need a booking and content now” situation. I usually do this about once a year. There are so many benefits to this, including connecting with new vendors, having fresh content, and getting to share your amazing experience with an engaged couple looking for a wedding photographer. Have questions about how to do this well? Just reply with a comment and I’ll talk you through the details, and maybe share a whole blog post with tips!

Just remember that the key isn’t just finding clients– it is finding dream clients who will love you and you can serve better than anyone else. So it isn’t going to be a one day process to book your calendar. To create true connections that lead to success, you have to put in the intentional work and be authentic about serving others and lifting others up.

With love,

Katelyn Workman

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