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Should You Do a First Look?

Why should you choose a first look?

The year Will and I got married, we had been to A LOT of weddings. And as we went to each wedding, we saw things we loved and things we didn’t. One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted a first look. Our thought was that we wanted most of our photos done before, so we could hang out with our friends. But what we didn’t expect was how sweet those private moments together would be!! Even though it was a little less traditional, we loved getting to have the moment we saw each other for the first time be a moment we could spend together and actually talk and hug each other. And looking back, those portraits are some of my favorites! Our nerves were immediately calmed and it took a lot of pressure off. Personally, we loved it for ourselves and many of our couples feel the same, so I wanted to share a few reason why you should consider a first look! 

  1. It takes the pressure off.

Like I mentioned, there is SO much pressure on the groom to react a certain way, and it is very hard to be vulnerable with your feelings in front of hundreds of guests. We find that as soon as the first look happens, the groom is so relieved and all of the stress is gone, so when the aisle moment comes they are actually MORE emotional because the stress is gone.

 2. It is more intimate.

Brides, the moment your almost husband sees you in your dream wedding dress is a BIG one. One that everyone is anticipating. But how much more special to experience that moment alone and have a little time just the two of you. Your wedding day is about the two of you before anyone else! You can also have a minute to tell each other how amazing you look instead of just standing in front of everyone in that moment.

 3. You get more portraits.

Obviously since I am a wedding photographer I care a lot about the photos… but you will, too! Not only do you get really special photos of your first look reactions alone, but you’ll have time to get some of your major portraits done before the ceremony! You’ll have more time to be relaxed and enjoy your reception, and more variety in your photos. If you want a little extra “wow” for the ceremony aisle moment, you can save the veil for the ceremony. We love this option!

Your wedding day is about YOU and your love story, it isn’t about following rules and what other people’s expectations are. So if you want to spend time with each other and have that intimate moment, it is okay! Honestly, your guests don’t even have to know because you will still be excited to see each other down the aisle as everything becomes real! These moments at Summit Bechtel Reserve were the sweetest!

why should you do a first look
why should you do a first look
why should you do a first look
why should you do a first look
why should you do a first look

Have questions or concerns about having a first look? Just leave it in the comments!

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