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February has been such a month! I’ve been doing a lot of the behind the scenes business work and we have had several gorgeous engagement sessions, and have had tons of family time in between! Here are some of our favorite memories from this month!!   Sonya loves her cousins and was so happy to hold […]

Hi, friends! I had the idea to start a new fun project where every week I interview a wedding vendor to get tips from them for brides. I am also featuring them on the blog and summarizing our interview in case you missed it or want to look back for advice! This week I interviewed […]

Lauren was my first roommate in college, and years later, we are at such a similar place in life with growing families and growing photography businesses. Money is one of those hard topics that people don’t like to talk about and can cause a lot of division in relationships. Lauren has such a great perspective […]

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Will’s aunt and uncle will have been married 50 years in August, and they still enjoy being together and you can see the love they share. I asked them for their advice after so many years of marriage, and this is how they summed it up! I am so thankful for people like this to […]

Heather and Eric love to travel and experience new places together, and instead of buying trinkets from gift shops, they book a photographer wherever they go to capture the memory for them. It is such a special keepsake and I loved getting to meet them and photograph them to remember their getaway at the Greenbrier […]

It seems like the more time passes, the quicker it seems to go. Life is just flying by and my kids are growing each day and somehow another birthday is already here. Even though my 27th year was definitely an unusual one, I have so much to be thankful for. For some, it was the […]

Haley and Joel were high-school sweethearts and are just the sweetest. After rescheduling their session– because apparently 2021 means the year of never-ending snow and the year the sun has forgotten how to shine, we decided to meet at the beautiful Greenbrier Resort. It was perfect because we knew we would be able to give […]

“Marriage isn’t always easy.” If you are an adult who has ever thought about getting married, you’ve probably heard that phrase a lot. But it doesn’t really do justice to what the person is trying to convey. What they really mean is that there may be seasons in your marriage that are more difficult then […]

After scheduling a few sessions at The Greenbrier, a beautiful resort in West Virginia, we decided to turn it into a weekend trip (kid-free!) to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I am the worst at remembering to take photos, but wanted to share a mini recap with a few of my phone photos of the trip. Of […]

We met Zoe last year when we photographed her engagement, and then her wedding. Since then, she has become a dear friend. She is a Christian who loves people and shares a similar vision for her business, and has been such an encouragement to me this year! We are constantly FaceTiming sharing business ideas and […]

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